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  • Child and Teen Trauma Therapy

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    More than two thirds of children in the US will experience some form of traumatic event before the age of 16yrs. It is a scary thing for a parent to grapple and make sense of their child’s experience of a traumatic event. Childhood trauma can have significant consequence on a child’s development but therapy for childhood therapy can make a huge difference. The various types of childhood trauma can include but is not limited to:

    Ø Bullying

    Ø Community Violence

    Ø Repeated traumatic exposure (complex trauma)

    Ø Natural disasters

    Ø Domestic Violence

    Ø Medical Trauma

    Ø Physical Abuse

    Ø Refugee Trauma

    Ø Racial Violence

    Ø Systemic Trauma

    Ø Human  and Sex Trafficking

    Ø Traumatic Grief and Loss

    Ø Sexual Abuse

    Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based treatment that has proven success for youth and teens. It’s validity has been proven across a wide spectrum of trauma exposure. It is a structured form of therapy that cannot be successful without a supportive parent or guardian involvement.

    At The Restoration Village: Therapeutic and Holistic Services, we provide Child and Teen individual therapy to explore in a safe space, the youth’s trauma exposure. Please contact us today for a free 15 min consultation, so that we can discuss your child’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you