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  • Clinical Supervision

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    In the state of Michigan, a LLPC must complete a total of 3,000 hours of post-degree mental health service in not less than a 2-year period. 100 of these hours must be spent face to face with their clinical supervisor. The clinical supervision hours are being offered virtually at The Restoration Village. With affordable rates, our group session offers practical coaching, supervision, and an opportunity for clinical growth. There are two options for engagement, individually or in a group setting. Whichever works for you, the goal is to provide the requirements needed for complete Licensure.

    Group Supervision

    • Rate- $65 (Up to five participants)
    • Individual Supervision- Rate- $89 per hour (4 hours permonth)

    Please contact us and schedule your free 15minute consultation, and to complete your supervision packet. We look forward to connecting with you.

    LLPC Supervision Disclosure Statement

    Stacey Marie Williams MA; LPC

    The Restoration Village: Therapeutic and Holistic Services

    [email protected]



    • Master of Arts in Counseling, Spring Arbor University, MI. 2010
    • Licensed Professional Counselor, Michigan #6401012105
    • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist- Michigan 2012
    • Advanced Counselor Training- 2017

    Supervision Focus

    • Mental Health Counseling for Children, Teens and Adult
    • Trauma Focused Therapy
    • Group Therapy

    I have 12 years of experienced as clinician, but over 20 years of qualified work in the helping profession. As a clinician my experience varies from inpatient, outpatient, residential, crisis management, juvenile justice, group therapy, training, and conference presentation. I have specialized treatment experience with youth teens and adults within a variety of cultural backgrounds. I have been trained in and am competent in the following therapeutic modalities; TF-CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have some experience working in the substance abuse field. My therapeutic approach is primarily from the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach, which is person centered and individualized.

    Supervision Training and Experience

    I became an Approved Counseling Supervisor in 2017 after completing 30 hours of training with the Advanced Counselor Training Institute. This meets the Michigan Board of Counseling training requirements for supervisor training.  I then began providing supervisions to LLPC’s that were providing substance abuse treatment at an outpatient treatment facility as well as LLPC’s within an inpatient psychiatric facility. Thereafter, I have provided supervision to interns from a variety of clinical backgrounds and therapeutic approaches. I also served for a year and a half as a Clinical Services Manager at Holy Cross of Michigan, where I provided individual and group supervision. I currently offer as apart of my private practice, individual and group supervision to clinician’s with LLPC license, working to obtain their full Licensure.

    Approach to Supervision

    As a clinical supervisor, my first and foremost goal is to ensure that I am a good fit for what a supervisee is looking for. My goal is to guarantee that each supervisee develop the skill set necessary to provide competent and effective clinical services. I currently mainly utilize the Developmental Models of Supervision by Stoltenberg and Delworth 1987, that provides feedback and support appropriate to the clinician’s stage of development. This approach is also always facilitating the supervisee’s progression to the next stage. Supervisees are exposed to ongoing new information, and counseling skills along with critical skills preparing them for the practical experience with a client.

    Additional models that are utilized are Cognitive Behavioral and Person-Centered Supervision. I work with supervisees to help them realize that they possess the skills necessary to effectively develop as a clinician. I create an environment where a supervisee can develop his/her expertise to be an effective and well-rounded clinician.

     Supervision Goals

    • The central goal of my supervision is the ensure that supervisees experience developmental growth through enhanced knowledge and applied skills.
    • To ensure that a supervisee enhances their theoretical orientations and how they practically applied
    • To facilitate the development of ethical decision making as a part of the clinical process
    • To help supervisees explore their biases and how they can interfere in the clinical relationship
    • To support the reduction of anxiety related to their professional performance and to increase their confidence as a clinician
    • To provide support for the supervisee in their role

     Supervision Evaluations:

    A variety of evaluation methods are used to ensure that established goals are met. I meet with each supervisee to discuss their target goals that are mutual and attainable. These goals are assessed throughout the tenure of our supervision time frame and feedback is given to encourage transformation. One main evaluation tool that is used is the “Therapist Evaluation Checklist” Susan Hall-Marley, 2000. This given to each supervisee.


    The content disclosed throughout supervision sessions are confidential with the following exceptions:

    • If there is any disclosure of the abuse of a child, elderly, or disabled individual
    • If I must provide a recommendation for a supervisee regarding their clinical experience for a job, licensure or certification
    • If consultation regarding a client, a supervisee is working with is required
    • If a client’s welfare is in danger and it is deemed the supervisee is unable to assist the client adequately
    • If I, as a supervisor, am court ordered to testify about the nature of a supervision relationship or of a client of the supervisee
    • If the supervisee exhibits behaviors that are unethical and/or dangerous to the client

    Fees for Service

    Clinical supervision can be completed in either a group or an individual setting. These sessions are currently being facilitated virtually due to COVID safety precautions. Below are the options for participation:

    Individual Supervision Session- $89 hourly (4 hrs. per month)

    Group Supervision Sessions- (Up to five supervisees) $65 per hour

    Contact Information

    I can be reached at 248-842-2310 for emergencies. In my absence I will designate a contact

     Code of Ethics:

    I adhere to the Approved Clinical Supervisor Code of Ethics as well as the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics. Supervisees are also expected to abide by the ethical standards established by the American Counseling Association.