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  • Trauma Therapy Group

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    Our Trauma Therapy Groups provides our village members with an opportunity to experience their healing in another format. Our groups are limited to ten members and provide a safe space for healing to continue outside of individual or family therapy. There are groups for youth (10-12 yrs), teens (13-15yrs; 16-19yrs) and adults and they cover content related to trauma including:

    • What is Trauma
    • Identifying Traumatic Events
    • Emotional and Physical Response to Trauma
    • Impact of trauma on Beliefs
    • Impact of trauma on behaviors
    • Symptoms of Trauma
    • Coping with Trauma
    • After the Storm- Living Life Again

    Together We Are Stronger! (TWAS)

    “Together We Are Stronger” is a Teen Trauma Group for teens that have been affected by significant life events (trauma). TWAS is an awesome opportunity for teens to connect with each other in an engaging, hand on clinical approach to exploring trauma and understanding their experience. Teens are provided education on trauma, coping strategies and practical ways to experience the world in a safe way. This is a 6 week closed group, so please contact us to stay updated on our group start time.

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